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Fluoride is a scorching matter – I’ve written widely in this matter.

The base line for me, EVEN if it stopped teeth decay 100% – (EVEN IF- which it does not- fluoride handiest reduces decay via 25% according to our personal CDC executive’s knowledge) – I might nonetheless no longer counsel it as a result of the wear and tear it does to the mind. The federal government used to be seeking to cover this analysis. There’s NO Secure degree of fluoride. It reduces the IQ of our treasured little ones from one to seven %.

Executive File Unearths No Secure Degree of Fluoride in Water; Fluoridation Coverage Threatened (prnewswire.com)

The Executive at paintings poisoning you and your circle of relatives…

Fifty-two of 55 research confirmed a lower in IQ with larger fluoride intake.

Fluoride and Decay

Fluoride does no longer adddress the actual root reasons of teeth decay. It’s at absolute best a crutch, a bandaid and useless in preventing teeth decay. Let’s get to the actual explanation why we get cavities. Intestine well being, leaky intestine, loss of fats soluble nutrients, acidic mouth, pathoglogical plaque, low fats diets, mouth respiring and loss of saliva. Nowhere does that listing comprise a “loss of fluoride.” There are lots of issues we will be able to do this are way more efficient than slapping on some fluoride varnish and poisoning our youngsters.

Offer protection to our treasured brains and our systemic well being. Please sign up for me in preventing fluoride. This can be a poison for our brains.


Barbara Tritz BRDH

Queen of Dental Well being, Systemic Wellness and BRAIN Well being!


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